About Solar Bare

Solar Bare is a boutique Australian sun wear label for beach-loving fashionistas.

All of Solar Bare’s vibrant and distinctive original prints are inspired by the colours and patterns of the Great Barrier Reef.  The signature look is the fashvest® – a marriage of fashion and rashvest.  If you want to turn heads on the sand and make a splash in the surf, then our unique prints are for you. Versatile and stylish, our fashvests will take you effortlessly from the beach to a beach café or bar.

Why compromise on style while being sun smart?

About the designer

Vivien is a mother-of-five who wrangled her kids on the beach for a few summers, always wondering why there were no fashionable rashies on the market. While sitting on the beach on North Stradbroke Island, she had an epiphany. 

Vivien noticed a gap in the market and realised that there was an opportunity to innovate and re-imagine the utilitarian rashvest to create stylish sun protection. The idea arrived in tandem with the creative inspiration, to apply the tropical marine patterns of the reef to her designs.

The concept for Solar Bare washed up on the sand one day, and the idea wouldn’t leave her. Over the next few summer seasons, she focused on her family and how she could bring the idea to life. Vivien launched Solar Bare’s first collection on the runway of Canberra’s Fashfest in 2015.

Vivien is creative soul who follows her intuition in the design process, drawing inspiration from the beach and ocean. She recently moved to Port Macquarie with her family for a sea-change to follow her creative dreams.

Solar Bare has a distinctive Australian flavour – a vibrant and effortless style.  Vivien's designs reflect her desire to make women feel happy and confident on the beach..."looking hot while feeling cool" or equally, "looking cool while feeling hot".