Under the influence

Photo: Sai Mai, Koh Samui @en.fait (92,000k followers)

The hierarchy of the fashion industry is changing as fast as seasonal trends. The pyramid has been inverted with the increasing influence of regular, ordinary people. Fashion media is no longer sitting at the top, and they‘re not necessarily sitting in the front row. This space is now reserved for influencers. The fashion world order has shifted so much that even celebrities are considered marginal, according to Jenn Barthole, fashion editor at Shape magazine.

With more and more fashion influencers on Instagram, we feel like we can connect and get to the heart of a brand, hot trends and style. We're seeing a kind of social media uprising.

The power now lies with the influencers, who talk directly to their followers. With this kind of reach way beyond magazine circulation, fashion magazines are even using guest ‘influencer editors’. Influencers are the new fashion establishment.

The list below isn’t definitive, but referring to a recent blog by IZEA and podcast by Upflencer to help steer my research, the most influential of all the fashion influencers on Instagram have a combined following of 29 million people.

Chiara Ferragni @chiaraferragni 13.3 million

Aimee Song @songofstyle 4.8 million

Alexa Chung @alexachung 3 million

Danielle Bernstein @weworewhat 1.8 million

Julia Hengel @juliahengel1.2 million

Caroline Daur @carodaur 1.5 million

Jenn Im @imjennim  1.6 million

Jennifer Grace @thenativefox 925k

Australia’s own Margaret Zhang @margaret_zhang 957k

And then there’s Miquela Sousa with 1.2 m followers. If ever it was clear that we're collectively under the influence, it’s with this account. @lilmiquela is a CGI persona…and we turn to Instagram for inspiration and authenticity!