The girl with the sea dragon tutu

Parenting can be a tough gig, especially when you’re in the thick of daily negotiations with an unreasonable toddler (no! does such a creature exist??)   It’s pretty hard to stand your ground and keep a straight face when your two year old is basically holding a mirror up and mimicking your exasperated behaviour by waving a finger and shouting at you, “Go to your room. Now.”

You have to pick your battles. And sometimes you have to get creative.  Hiding grated carrot and zucchini in the spag bol is one way to get vegies in undetected. Cutting up apples to make apple doughnuts worked miracles on my kids.  One of my favourite anecdotes ever -  breaking a biscuit in half and offering it all over again, saying, “look, now there’s two!!!!”  That sleight of hand worked every time on a young fella who is now a successful trauma specialist.

And we don’t only have to find creative ways to solve a refusal to eat. A pre-schooler’s dummy spit is frequently broad and illogical, with getting them dressed and out of the house being two of the greatest setbacks parents and carers face every day. Arriving at work on time can seem like an impossible dream.  You’re nearly dead on the feet and it’s 8.45 am.

Weekends and holidays take on a whole new meaning with young children.  A beach day is less of a spontaneous day in the sun and more logistics meets ‘I may as well be packing for three weeks’ mental exercise.   Another painful and five-pillared negotiation is on the horizon: convincing the kids that being sun smart is actually smart.  Putting on and retaining the hat in the on position. Applying sun screen without it being a sandy exfoliant.  Smoothing over objections to a donning a wet rashie.  Making mini sunglasses seem cool and fun to wear.  Keeping the tribe in the shade, under the umbrella, tent or a nearby tree. 

If only they thought sun protection was fun!

This summer, I noticed a new trend.  Lots of little people turning up to the beach wearing tutus. Obviously a look of summer 2017-18.   I figured they’re probably not all that comfortable when wet and full of sand, but all those mini fashionistas were rocking the ballet class / mermaid look big time.  I’m full of nostalgia because my youngest is 12 and our tutu-wearing days are long gone.  

Solar Bare mini is all about fun in the sun.  The five vibrant prints showcase the Great Barrier Reef and offer a soft, stretchy and very comfy UPF50+ feel.  There's no logic to toddler style, but most parents know that finding something kids love to wear is a win-win situation. If our designs help minimise the challenge of a beach day, then awesome.

Pictured: Sea dragon, inspired by the green moon wrasse [Thalassoma lutescens]