Clowning around

Sometimes it’s the absence of a regular or annual activity that helps you see how you’ve settled into the rhythm of a new life.  It’s gone in a flash, faster than I could’ve imagined, but suddenly we’re two years into a sea change.  And as the seasons cycle on, it's clear in an chocolate egg and hot cross bun kinda way, that Easter has been a highlight.

This will be our third Easter on the coast.  For the first two, our house was filled with the wonderful laughter of my darling niece and nephew from Ireland.   The ‘coosins’.   Our enormous north-facing backyard, the one that attracted us to Port Macquarie in the first place, has provided a perfect setting for a gigantic Easter egg hunt.  In one of those delightful ways that cousins interact, my teenage children hid eggs far and wide, even nestled in a the spiked head of a pineapple plant.

Autumn on the coast is pure magic – the ocean is still warm, the nights are cooling down but the days are superb and still summery, not humid but lovely warm sunshine and amazing storm clouds and rainbows!

We’ve had so much fun down at the beach, exploring rock pools and swimming and enjoying drinks at sunset.  Last year, after a massive east coast low, one morning spent at Lighthouse Beach was desolate and wild…..but how wonderful adventuring under crazy grey skies with wild surf, enjoying beach life together.  And then the joy on a sunnier day of discovering swimming between the flags and jumping through your first waves, just clowning around.

It’s going to be quieter this year without their adorable little faces and commentary about life in Aus brightening our home.  There’s nothing like the eyes of a child to help you see things afresh and remind you that palm trees and koalas really do make it a magical experience on the mid north coast. 

And Ava is right on point when it comes to comedy.  Turns out she can do a cracking parody of a beach fashion shoot, mimicking her older cousin and adding sharp and witty live captions while striking various copy cat poses.   We just laugh and laugh.

We’ll miss you this year and can’t wait til your next visit xxx