Dept. of beaches

Before I started studying film production at VCA, I was lucky enough to stay in Venice Beach while I travelled around the USA.  It's one neighbourhood south of Santa Monica, a physical manifestation of every image that comes to your mind when you think of coastal California; palm trees, body builders, surfers, red convertibles, beach volleyball, skateboards and best of all, sun. Lots of it.

There is a warm, sleepy energy all through Venice Beach – the atmosphere is one of a town that has, for a long time, been perpetually stuck in an idyllic summer holiday, where the long daylight hours are spent at the beach watching C-list celebrities drive towards Malibu in their supercars, or riding a bicycle down the boutique streets, or wandering the maze of canals. It’s easy to see why the place is so highly coveted; when you’re in Venice Beach, you have no choice but to embrace the dreamy lifestyle that radiates off the shore.

As if Los Angeles could not get any more iconic, one day as my friend and I were soaking up some sun on the beach, we were approached by a small group of people shooting a rap music video. They asked us if we wanted to feature in it, and we were quick to accept (who wouldn’t?! It’s the city where stars are born).

It was a bizarre experience if anything, with a questionable amount of “booty shots” and suggestive poses in the white wash, but safe to say it earnt Venice Beach an honourable position in my heart as a place I won’t be quick to forget.